Monday, 30 May 2011

Some Bands you should hear

We're not sure what it is about bank holidays that makes us suddenly open to dropping everything and making a last minute call to accept an invite to something totally random. Ask us at any other time of the year and we're gonna take more than a few hours weighing up the pros and cons, delaying the decision till it's far too late to do anything about it, invariably choosing to spend the time painting as it's 'the right thing to do'.... We're pretty sure we're not the only ones to suffer from this so we'll jump in nice and early and call it 'Bankholidayrandomeventitus' (rolls off the tongue doesn't it? Expect a wiki page to have popped up in it's honour pretty soon......).

Bearing this in mind, this weekend we took a call on Friday from 'The penguin' (he's never been called that, in fact his real name's Rob, but that's a bit normal for the intents and purposes of this.....) inviting us to 'The Little Black Rock Secret Party' - a tiny little music festival on a farm out in the middle of nowhere (well.... near Salisbury) where we'd find, to steal a few lines from the hidden event page on facebook (even 'secret' parties aren't immune to the powers of FB....)

Live sets from some of Londons favourite underground Bands and DJs through the night and in to the early hours, a DJ bunker, Smallest cinema in the world, Hells Angels food, great atmosphere, Alcohol, Sun, Camping, old friends, new friends and fields galore to free your mind.... Seeing as some of us at The Little Black Rock have been on a quest to find 'Never Neverland' and not grow up, we decided lets build 'Never Neverland' at our party and so the theme for this years shennanigans will be...yes that's right... 'NEVER NEVERLAND' whatever your interpretation may be...

(I think they just about got across the NEVER NEVERLAND theme there......)

So we grabbed the beast (that's our over sized tent - honestly it's massive - there's just no need for a tent to be that big), shoved a change of delicates and all the accessories we could place our hands on into a bag and with feathers and face paints at the ready jumped into the penguins car to be greeted by 'the Puppeteer' (ok his name's Dave...), a car boot full of booze and let the worlds most indecisive SatNav lead us to the fun....

Anyway, we're letting the details get us off track here, so in no particular order, what followed was 24hrs of; Badminton, KFC, haribo, bottled mojitos, matching hats, Bacon Baps ("did you know that was hunted in the forest behind us?!"),   tennis balls, Music, Man Utd getting torn apart, Drunken wrestling, shocking open relationship stories, bracelets, tiny clocks, toy guns, Ginger Beer mixers, Kiwi shaped pour spouts, wellies, some more music, clumsiness, bbc sport tennis updates, twigs, Venison hotdogs ("did you know that meat was hunted in the forest behind us?!".... errr yes!), squiffy face paints, portaloos, missing waitrose bags, Jack Daniels, Flight of the Concord inspired Bowie impression cockblocks, Tiny yet expensive Salads, spillages, double boxer shorts, speed tent erecting, smoke, headband lights, drunken lead singers, mis heard band announcements ("the friendly fires are here??!!"), beagles, Pork sarnies ("did you know that meat was hunted in the forest behind us?!"... OH MY GOD!!), fanta, plastic cups and tiny mirrors.....

It was good old fashioned non planned music based fun.... we're still feeling the effects a bit.... but the point of this post was to introduce you to some great new musicians you might not have heard of, so here we go....

The colour movement (we're big fans of these boys - lovely guys too - with great taste in acoustic support bands....)

and Escapists

So there we go, a bit of a longer post than expected, but hey, you must be getting used to this by now.... And to leave you with the wise words of The Penguin

"did you know that meat was hunted in the forest behind us"


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