Friday, 20 May 2011

Brian Sewell reviews Tracey Emin. Akin to asking Noel Gallagher to give his thoughts on Lil' Waynes lastest Album.

We haven’t been yet, but we will, so we’re not gonna feel bad about giving you the link to Brian Sewells hugely amusing review of Tracey Emin’s ‘Love is what you want’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. If not just for the majestically spoken 80 year olds liberal use of swear words in, what is indeed, a free paper available to anyone walking past the slightly over enthusiastic Evening Standard distributors who seemingly appear from nowhere at 4pm in multitudes of venues across London Town on a daily basis (We have a theory about a network of secret tunnels running underneath London, in which the Lebedev’s bark orders at their orange, ES branded, high-vis-vest clad minions, a la Danny Devitos Penguin in Batman Returns). Gotta love him really. We actually posted a lovely comment on the article (you’ll see it at the bottom if you’re interested) but were gazumped by the house rules (who actually reads them? I could go into an Eddie Izzard style Terms and Conditions rant here, but I’ll save it for another date…) several times before we managed to get the 800 character or less Emin heckle on there. Not that that matters to you guys, but it was thoroughly annoying for us when we were supposed to be keeping our eye on the veg we’d just put into roast. So here it is.

Right, back to watching re runs of Loose Women.

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