Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saatchi Online!

Saatchi Online kicks ass. 

Easy to use, loads of super talented undiscovered artists, and it makes you feel all important as it has 'Saatchi' in the title. BOOM!

As you've probably guessed Kym's just started her own profile....

First Exhibition!

Hola ladies and gentlemen!

Ok so the event name is a bit self explanatory but i'll say it again.... i'm having my first little exhibition next week!! It's at a cool as f**k, exclusive as it gets, award winning Saatchi curated gallery masquerading as a cute little cafe in Clapham junction! Woop woop!

There's some food and a bit of FREE (yes free in case those capital letters didn't get the point across.....!) drink to entice you an
d it's only on for a few hours so there's no excuse not to come support a struggling local artist (that's meeeeee!)

It starts at 6pm, finishes at 8 and I've put a direction link down at the bottom of this message (well, to foxtos which is next door!) it's only about 5mins walk from clapham junction (apparently the busiest train station in europe.... who says i don't pay attention to things!)

It would be amazing to see your beautiful faces so please come! Hope to see you all there (i'll be the stressed one covered in paint!)

Direction Link:

kym x

Here is a sneak preview: