Thursday, 26 May 2011

Get the wine out...

Ok so this has not been our most successful day..... Sleep deprived due to the early morning bin collection, driven from our heavenly outdoor studio by the rain (and hail... where'd that come from?!), distracted by Murrays match (and Sharapovas eiffel tower inspired dress....) and now we've run out of milk..... not good times.....

So we've taken to youtube to cheer us up (it's our healthy equivalent to a big fat bar of depression defeating chocolate) and just in case you too have had a bad day - we'll share our top 5 vids of the past half hour with you... and yes, of course 2 of them are eddie izzard - the man is a god.

Now we're gonna go eat some fish fingers, grab a bottle (or three) and do a little anti rain dance (it's like a cross between the running man and the melbourne shuffle.....) x

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